Tuesday, 18 December 2012

diuhotels.in - Diu is a very beautiful town situated off the south coast of Gujarat's Kathiawar peninsula, in the western part of India. Diu is known for its Portuguese architecture. Diu Fort was built in 1535. There are three Portuguese Baroque Churches. St. Paul's Church, St. Thomas Church and St. Francis of Assisi. A beautiful blend of sea, sand and sun, Diu is a God's gift to those in quest of a blessed land where the weary weight of this unintelligible world can, for a while, be lightened and the waking soul can hear the music of the nature.

Diu Hotel - The protal listed many Budget Hotels, Premium Resorts, Beach Resorts, Economy Hotels, Luxury Hotels and Restaurants available in Diu. Resort and Hotel in Diu are well furnished with all modern facilities and they could be availed by aspiring vacationers according to their comfort and convenience. Diu Hotel is the portal that best accommodation options in Diu with detailed information of hotels, resorts and restaurants of Diu.

The historical Portuguese Fort, imposing churches, the golden sand beaches, blue sea waters, latest water sports, clean environment and friendly local population make Diu a perfect getaway for all seasons. Diu is one of the Union Territories of India. The region is positioned at the juxtaposition of the Saurashtra coast of Gujarat. The island covers an area of around 15 square miles or 40 kilometers. The major tourist attractions in Diu are the Diu Fort, St. Paul's Church, Jallandhar Shrine, Gangeshwar Temple, Diu Museum and Nagoa Beach.

Diu Hotels are as much mesmerizing as the place itself is. Amidst many hotels in Diu, Krishna Park resort, Hotel Apaar, hotel Apana, Hotel Alishan and Hotel Relax Inn are some of the customer-serving entities. Not only this, Cheap Diu hotels can also be retreated to for saving on the precious pennies. it has various Budget Diu Hotels that make it an enlightening experience to fall in the luxury at nominal prices. providing the perfect opportunities for the setting up of hotels, apart from guesthouses and tourist bungalows. Diu Hotel - The tourism portal keep improving and updating information at every few days to set a milestone for advertisement of hotels and resort in tourism websites.

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